Thank You for a Wonderful TAFF 2014

Hey all!

We here at TAFF wish to thank all the filmmakers, TAFF STAFF, Alamo Drafthouse and, of course, you all for the wonderful response to TAFF 2014. What a year! We went from thinking there was no way we could do another fest to the best fest ever!

We are so grateful to the Lord and are lifting up prayers of praise and thanks as we speak.

We are all pretty tuckered out and so TAFF will take time to rest and recover and reconnect with (our much-neglected as of late) families. I’m going to the beach to just sit and recharge. Maybe I’ll come back. Maybe not . . . Just kidding. I’ll be back . . . eventually.

We want to thank each and every one of you who came to our screenings and to the FEST itself for your support, your funds and your kind hearts throughout the year. You have made the world of difference to this ministry and to me personally. MC group? I am talking to you! You know who you are. Thank you so much!

As we gear up for another year, please consider helping fund TAFF. We once again will face funding issues. If you believe this ministry can make a difference in spreading the Gospel throughout the city, we need you on board.

Have a great summer!
Jamee Kennedy

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