Seven Days in Utopia – Playing in Select Cities

From The Guys at “Tales from the Tour”

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An inspiring tale, appropriate for the whole family.

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We are very proud to share with you the background of this group and the men that make it a calling. It all started with a transcript that was shared with golf instructors, PGA professionals and a few well intentioned individuals here in Phoenix that started the most unlikely of journeys… Using Golf as a metaphor for life, family, work and faith; this transcript became a book, the book became an outreach program, those programs became events under the Bird’s Nest Tent at the Phoenix Open, these events led to men’s groups and Bible Studies where a guide and study book was developed. The book is called “Golf’s Sacred Journey,” men’s groups started across the country using the companion Study Guide, this movement blossomed into a movie script that was once again guided by some of the same men that started this journey — right here in the Valley of the Sun.

Tales from the Tour, and the men behind it, continue their work as a Christian Ministry dedicated to helping men find their faith and help lead them from a Golf Book to The Book! Our time together focuses on Biblical principles as they apply to every day life as a Husband, Father, Friend, Family Member and Professional. This site is dedicated to sharing our journey in hopes you will join us to discover yours.

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