Award Winners for 2012

Results for TAFF 2012

March 31, Austin Tx

  • Promised Land
    Best Film, Best Documentary, Audience Favorite
    A film directed by Todd Morehead and produced by Todd Morehead and Bryan Jennings of the Walking on Water Organization, which is dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with this generation’s global surfing community. Promiesd Land is a unique look at Israel through the lives of two friends from different faiths, brought together by their love of the oceans that separate them.
  • Journey to Jamaa
    Best Short, Best Tech Achievement, Best Director (Michael Landon, Jr.)
    A film produced by World Vision, Directed by Michael Landon, Jr, and written by Brian Bird, Journey to Jamaa is a story inspired by the real life story of Margaret and Derick, two orphaned children from Uganda who make the journey from Kampala to Kasangombe in a heartbreaking bid to overcome poverty and experience hope.
  • Reconciliation
    Best Feature
    A film produced by Chris Jones, Damon Zwicker, Chad Ahrendt and directed by Chad Ahrendt. Reconciliation is a thought provoking story of heartache and triumph will inspire you to love more deeply, seek forgiveness from those you have hurt, and forgive those who have hurt you.
  • The Man Who Never Cried
    Best Performance (Keir O’Donnell), Best Screenplay.
    A film produced by Russell Wayne Groves and Andrew Lee and directed by Bradley Jackson. The Man Who Never Cried is a light hearted, yet poignant modern day fable that plumbs the depth of human emotion by showcasing equal amounts of hilarity and heart break.
  • A Call to India
    Best Cinematography, Great Commission Award
    A film by Jorrie van der Walt, Alret van der Walt, and Charl Folscher seeks to examine the topic of “contextualization” as it explores the Church of Jesus Christ across the Nation of India.
  • Awakening
    Best Editing
    A film by Amy and Herb Kossover, tells the story of Jewish Christian evangelizing on the streets of New York City. Proclamation evangelism is difficult but rewarding, and God truly is at work with a new generation who are willing to face the difficulties and reap the rewards.
  • Cabernet
    TAFFY award
    A film directed by Debbie Ramamoorthy and produced by Chris DeGarmo and Jonas Sanz. Cabernet is the story of a man who goes to go to great lengths covering up a blemish, only to make matters worse. In the end, our protagonist learns that only way the blemish will go away is by substituting someone else’s “cleanliness”.
  • Rogue Saints
    TAFF Family award
    A film by Adam Lubanski and Dave Brunk. Rogue Saints is the story that explores the loneliness that exists despite excessive social networking relationships. This loneliness is contrasted to the sense of community found in a loving (yet quirky) Christian community.
  • The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey
    The Rising Star of Bethlehem award (Joe Henline – director)
    A film by Joe and Jerrica Henline that tells the story of a young women who stumbles upon a book about 16 year old Martyr Lady Jane Grey. As she becomes engrossed in the story, her mind is captivated by the events unfolding before her. Follow this valiant young woman’s story and be part of the few to uncover the truth.
  • The Victor
    The Rising Star of Bethlehem award (Stephen Byrum – director)
    A film by Stephen Byrum, The Victor tells the story of a young homeless man with a tragic background battles for survival against personal temptations. He is transformed by an unexpected discovery that offers redemption and restoration.
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