TAFF Announces Selected Films for 2015

Wow!  The judges had their work cut out for them!  The submissions this year were outstanding.  There were many wonderful films which forced some very difficult decisions. We want all our filmmakers to know that we appreciate your work so much.  But unfortunately, as much we wanted to, we simply could not accept every film.  So here, finally, are the Selected Films for TAFF 2015.


Abel’s Field (PG)
Adrenaline (PG)
Beyond the Heavens (PG)
Catastasis (R)
Fragile World (PG-13)
Genesis (PG-13)
Steps of Faith (PG)


Compelling Love (PG-16)
Daylight Come (PG-16)
Everyday Counts (PG)
Fill Up, Pour Out (PG)
Kimberly (G)
James (PG-13)
The Foremost (PG-16)
Tomorrow Comes (PG)
Victory (PG)
When God Left the Building (PG)


Book Ends (PG)
Firefly (G)
First Do No Harm (PG)
Newly Forged (G)
Now or Never (G)
Once We Were Slaves (PG)
Roses (PG)
Stuck (PG)
Teppanyaki (G)
The Gift (PG)
The Gospel of Jon (PG)
The Harpist (G)


First Light (PG)
Shine (G)

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