TAFF 2014 UPDATE as of March 1st

Well, TAFF 2014’s Competition is almost upon us. Wow. Time really flies. But we have been busily preparing and I have to say that God has gone before us. And He is behind us. We have had an incredible turn of events. We have amazing films, and just a wonderful Glorius God. It has been one miracle after another in the midst of swirling chaos.

NEW VENUE Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline Location

First off, we are changing venues for the fest. We are not going to be at Alamo Drafthouse-Village. (It’s a long story that we will tell you about someday. It’s pretty cool.)

We will be at the new, larger and wonderful Alamo Drafthouse – Lakeline at 14028 N US Highway 183, Austin, Texas 78717 (map). It’s a bit of a trek out there for some of you Central and South Austin folks, so plan accordingly for Friday night traffic – up 183 – in Austin Tx. I am laughing sarcastically as I write this. Seriously, be patient and kind in traffic.

The great news about changing locations is that the venue is brand new. It has better equipment, more seats, larger lobby space, better parking and the same yummy food and wonderful service. So we are definitely counting our blessings.


The films this year are the best ever! We’re really looking forward to screening them. From Switchfoot’s new, seeker-friendly, doc, Fading West, to Linsanity, the amazing Jeremy Lin story, to the stunning Award Winner, The Trail – all are captivating. We will also screen many wonderful short films including the hilarious, The Audition and New Year’s Resolution. These little shorts had our judges falling out of their chairs laughing while still speaking truth about how we live our lives and the impact we have for Christ on others. Don’t miss em!

Look for your favorite film selection’s screening times on our schedule page (click here to see the schedule) on the TAFF website on March 1st.

Speaking of schedule, since we will be at a theater venue this year, we have had to do thing a little differently in terms of scheduling as well. Since most folks start getting numb backsides after sitting for more than 2 hours we have arranged our screenings in blocks of time (just like a real movie theater schedule!)

Each block will screen 1 feature length film and a short (or two) with Q and A sessions for attending filmmakers of each film in that block. At the end of the block, the theater has to be cleaned and everyone -per health code rules- is required to leave the theater. And then we start all over again for each and every block. You will not be allowed to leave your stuff or save seats if you are coming back to the theater for the next block. It will work just like a real movie theater experience.

So, make finding seats easier, you will be able to buy RESERVED Seating – but online only. You will also be able to purchase several blocks, with Reserved Seating, and an ALL ACCESS pass. So all that to say, we STRONGLY encourage you to purchase tickets online beginning.

Of course tickets can be purchased the door as well – but only if the block still has seats available. So buy early and save yourself a seat!

Jamee Kennedy

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