September Update for TAFF Funding

funding-thermometerDear TAFF Supporters,

We appreciate your past support of TAFF. As you may be aware TAFF had a KICKSTARTER campaign going in August. The goal of this campaign was to raise money to fund TAFF 2014. Unfortunately, we did not reach our goal of $25,000. And therefore in order to have the fest, this means we are still needing to raise funds.

But there is still some good news. Since we are never an organization to put all our eggs in one basket, the TAFF funding team has raised just over $16,000 through private and corporate donations. And through careful money management we have an additional $4,000 of revenue to spend from last year. So we are at just over $20,000! This is very close to our target. Praise God!

As you have seen from your generous pledges of past Fests every single dime counts when funding TAFF. We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider supporting TAFF so we can have TAFF 2014. This money directly impacts whether we have TAFF 2014 or not.

To Donate by Check:

TAFF 2014
3203 Park Hills Dr
Austin TX 78746
(Please make checks payable to “TAFF” or “The Attic Film Fest”)

To Donate online:

Again we thank you for your faithful support and your willingness to help us spread the Gospel through film.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Jamee Kennedy

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