The Armor of Light (PG-13)  – Block 2 Saturday, April 23rd, 12:10-3:45 PM

  • DIRECTOR: Abigail Disney, Kathleen Hughes
  • PRODUCER: Kathleen Hughes, Eva Anisko
  • WRITER: Abigail Disney
  • EDITOR: Andrew Fredericks
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jeff Hutchens
  • LEAD ACTORS/SUBJECTS: Rev Rob Schenck, Lucy McBath
  • RT: 84 min
  • TYPE OF FILM: Documentary Film
  • SYNOPSIS: This impressive doc explores the deep ties between American Evangelicals and the country’s gun culture. The film weaves together the evolving stance of Rev Rob Schenck, a top minister know for his anti- abortion activism in the 90’s, and Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, an unarmed teenager who was shot in Florida and whose case has since become a landmark in the fight against “stand your ground” laws. ARMOR follows these individuals through their trials of conscience and heartbreak as their impassioned advocacy takes their lives in directions they never imagined.

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