Love Has Wings

  • DIRECTOR: Madelaine Clay
  • PRODUCER: Madelaine Clay
  • LEAD PERFORMERS: Madelaine Clay
  • PROD TEAM/STUDIO: Madelaine Clay. Eliza Adams, Sveva Clay
  • RT: 29 min
  • SYNOPSIS: “Love Has Wings” is a documentary about the children of Cockayne Syndrome, which is a rare premature aging disability. Since my brother has this disease, he has an extremely short life. I am on a journey to find something good that can come out of this disease. Traveling around the world, I meet families from all over the world, and I see that my family and my brother aren’t the only ones suffering from this disease. After I become close to the families, some of the children pass away. It confuses me even more. I see so much pain and suffering in the families; yet I still can’t see anything good coming out of it, as they all die a heartbreaking death, leaving families scarred forever. At last, I travel across the pond to the biggest Cockayne Syndrome support group. There, I meet siblings of CS kids that are my age. Their perspective on it is different. Their perspective is positive. Their perspective, apart from the others, means more to me. These kids suffer, yes. Its terrible and unfair to them. But they teach a lesson that could not be expressed more in any other way