Great Commission Award

Daylight Come – Block 8 Saturday, April 25th, 4:00 – 6:15 PM

  • DIRECTOR: Evan Vetter
  • PRODUCERS: JR Jones, Shon Blotzer
  • CO-PRODUCERS: Jessica Woodbury, Holly Borden
  • LEAD SUBJECTS: Robin Tabbiner, Wendy Merritt
  • TEAM/STUDIO: On Giant Shoulders, LLC
  • RT: 78 min
  • TYPE OF FILM: Documentary
  • SYNOPSIS: Following decades of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, two American women endeavor to help several Congolese women rebuild their lives amidst the scars of sexual violence, tremendous suffering and poverty. As the two Americans wrestle with the question, “can one person really make a difference”, they quickly find themselves completely unprepared to for the magnitude of the needs around them. This incredibly moving documentary examines the Congolese women’s struggle as so much more than victims of violence and injustice but as women of worth, hope, irrepressible faith and love.

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