Catastasis – Block 9 Saturday, April 25th, 6:10 – 9:25 PM

  • DIRECTOR: Anthony Hackett
  • PRODUCER: Anthony Hackett, Adanna Hackett, Brian Dent, Allen E. Elliot, Darien Claxton, David M. Doggette, David White, Darnell White, Nadine Grey Corlew, Sebec Dillion, Renee Rucker, Keisha Lewis, Michael Wright
  • LEAD PERFORMERS: Anthony Hackett, Mariela Hill, Eric Slodysko, Leshe Shari, Derek Bridges, Marc Alexander Moise
  • TEAM/STUDIO: SONset Friday Entertainment
  • RT: 75 min
  • TYPE OF FILM: Feature Narrative
  • SYNOPSIS: A disturbed evil man holds a pastor hostage in his own home, kidnapping his son, forcing him to practice what he preachers. But how much evil and tragedy can one man take? A modern day story of Job, this powerful film explores our response to evil.

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