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The Attic Film Festival held each Spring in Austin Tx, is one of a kind because its’ sole purpose is to showcase films with a message of hope, love and faith. The Festival inspires filmmakers to make uplifting films that will leave a positive imprint on world audiences and spread the gospel of Christ through innovative storytelling.

crossroad-blogWhen we found out that CROSSROAD was an official selection of the Attic Film Festival this year, David Dginguerian, executive producer of the film and I decided to fly down to Austin, TX to represent the film. This would be a short two-day getaway trip from Los Angeles and a great opportunity to meet and network with other Christian filmmakers.

The festival was extremely well-organized and the staff was friendly and welcoming. We met other talented filmmakers such as M. Legend Brown (Hiding in Plain Sight) and Dallas Jenkins (What if… and The Ride) before the Awards Ceremony. Pastries and other delicious refreshments were served in the hallway while the entrance welcomed audiences with pamphlets and information kits about the selected films.

David and I had the pleasure of watching “What if…” starring Kevin Sorbo and to sit through the Q&A with filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. Making a film makes you go through so many hurdles that it’s always nice to hear from other filmmakers about what worked and didn’t on their journey. Attic provides that opportunity to join forces with other artists in the Christian film making movement to help each other through the different phases of production and also distribution.

Being a part of the Attic Film Festival was an incredible experience that encouraged both David and I to continue making inspirational films that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and I recommend all filmmakers to submit their work for the coming year.

Submitted by
Shervin Youssefian
Writer/Director/Producer (CROSSROAD)

(Note from TAFF: Thank you Shervin for the post. Everybody, check out the movie “Crossroad”, winner of the TAFF 2013 Best Feature award.
The movie can be purchased at or viewed on “Movies on Demand” from many cable providers.)

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